My Technical Skills

Skills I’m the most deeply Invested in currently

These are the languages and technologies I have the most experience with and have used in a number of different projects.

Web languages:

  • HTML5, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, Ajax
  • MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle
  • XML
  • Flash, Actionscript
  • Facebook API, Twitter API
  • Photoshop, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Illustrator

I have been experimenting in mobile for Android as well:

  • Java, XML, Eclipse

(None of these technologies are individually new to me though)

I also have experience developing for

I have an extensive background with traditional desktop programming from various projects (under PC and Unix environments) as well. I am less interested in developing for these environments, though, in the future.

Desktop Programming:

  • C/C++ (Undergraduate), Java (various), J# (Guardians of Kelthas), C# (Sony)
  • Visual Studio, Eclipse
  • DirectX (Guardians of Kelthas), OpenGL (Undergraduate)
  • .NET Framework (Sony & Guardians of Kelthas), MFC (experimenting), Windows Sockets (experimenting)

I am always interested in learning new technologies and languages!